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The Lost Millions bring us into a poignant finish with the towering, uncompromisingly heavy “Complicated” ; it has an anthological feel that is almost certain to hypnotize anyone who happens to be within earshot of its bulging bass and sterling, guitar-driven grooves. Whether you’ve been following these guys for the last couple of years or are coming across their music for the first time with Novellas Dantes, this is a top tier indie rock EP. In an underwhelming year for alternative music, this is one record that you can rely on for at least a couple of really memorable jams.

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The Lost Millions Novellas Dantes Jul 9, 2019 - Chris Porter

A lot of reviewing is predicated upon making comparisons between the subject and other acts that the readership might know, but with The Lost Millions, this is more of a challenge than usual, and that’s a real feather in their cap. I’m put in mind of the much-hyped sensation from the UK, Gay Dad (but without the sparkly sheen), some tunes from the Black Crowes and even Jimi Hendrix at certain points, but the truth is that Novellas Dantes is doing a great job of carving out its own niche. This is actually a beautifully complicated collection of works, but the band have made it sound effortless. An extremely impressive sonic journey in 5 tracks. Go check it out!

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Novella Dantes EP Review: Refined Roughness. July 9, 2019 Thorne Stone

Novella Dantes is a defining EP for The Lost Millions. Each track is eclectic and will have you rocking out with stellar guitar performances. Every one is unique and shows the listener another element of this inspired group. The vocals of Matt Westfield are dynamic and inspired, working well within the aesthetic of the band. For any fan of rock music, you owe it to yourself to check out Novella Dantes. Fans of this eclectic post-punk sound will definitely find at least one of these tracks on their playlist. Check this one out, it’s not often a band can nail a sound on their second go.

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